Practical information

70 km speed limit

70 km speed limit

The speed limit in Hvalfjörður Tunnel is 70 km an hour, and 30 km an hour on the toll lanes. A Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system monitors traffic and drivers are fined for speeding, or in severe cases, they lose their driver's licence.
Height and weight of vehicles/cargo

Height and weight of vehicles/cargo

The maximum permissible height of vehicles and cargo in the tunnel is 4.2 metres, and the maximum permissible axle weight is 11.5 tons. The height of vehicles and cargo are automatically measured using the tunnel's security system cameras, and violations of regulations are immediately reported to the police.

Cell phones and radios in the tunnel

Iceland's emergency telephone number is 1-1-2. Cell phones can be used in the tunnel, and tunnel phones, situated at 500-metre intervals, may be used to call for assistance. Both State radio channels, 93.5 and 90.1, can be received in the tunnel, as can the private station Bylgjan, 98.9. Please set your radio to one of these channels, as the tunnel authority uses these frequencies to transmit important information/instructions to drivers in the tunnel if necessary.


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